Anti-Aging, Ozone Therapy and Thalassotherapy

Program Presentation

The Anti-Aging, Ozonetherapy and Thalassotherapy Program presents knowledge about treatments for numerous diseases, as complementary therapies to Western medicine.

Ozonetherapy, Aerotherapy, Heliotherapy, Thalassotherapy, Geotherapy and Hyperthermia are all described.

These methods are undoubtedly now a part of modern medicine, making it necessary for physicians to update their practice and meet the demands of future patients.

Who is the programme for?

The Anti-Aging, Ozone Therapy and Thalassotherapy program is designed for natural health care professionals and people interested in non-conventional therapies that wish to:

  • Add to their Biological-Naturopathic training.
  • Apply Biological-Naturopathic therapies in disease treatment.
  • Expand knowledge about diseases from a more holistic view point.
  • Acquire tools for their profession.


Successful completion of the Program will enable you to be awarded the degree in Experto Universitario en ANTIENVEJECIMIENTO, OZONOTERAPIA Y TALASOTERAPIA.

After successfully completing the Program, the student will receive the degree as awarded by the University where they have enrolled.

Program Structure

Regarding the distribution of time it is established that:

  • Being an online program and not being subjected to traditional class attendance, there is no established initial date so that students may enroll at any time subject to available spaces.
  • For academic reasons the program has a minimum duration of the three months .
  • The maximum duration to complete the program is five months. During this period, the student must submit all of the corresponding assignments.

The credit structure for the Anti-Aging, Ozone Therapy and Thalassotherapy program is summarized in the following table:

Subjects 10 5 100
TOTAL 10 5 100

a. The equivalence in credits may vary according to the university that grants the degree 
b. Length in months


  • To provide new knowledge adapted to Western culture, about Anti-aging, Ozone therapy and Thalassotherapy.
  • To learn how to use the therapies most in demand.
  • To facilitate updated knowledge through new information and communication technologies, by means of a personalized teaching-learning process.

Career Opportunities

Professional opportunities for Anti-aging, Ozone Therapy and Thalassotherapy include:

  • Teaching.
  • Epidemiological study.
  • RDI.

Study Plan


The corresponding subjects and hours that make up the Anti-Aging, Ozone Therapy and Thalassotherapy program are shown in the following table:

1 Ozone Therapy 20
2 Heliotherapy, Thalassotherapy, Aerotherapy and Mud Therapy 40
3 Magnetic Pulsed Wave and Hyperthermia 20
4 Anti-Aging, Free Radicals and Antioxidant Therapies 20


Academic Administration

  • Dr. Carlos Llopis Martínez. General Secretary of the European Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Department Director of Traditional Chinese Phytotherapy from the Higher School of TCM.

General Academic Coordination

  • Vânia Alexandre. Coordinator of the Area in Natural Health.

FUNIBER Training Scholarships

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) allocates periodically an extraordinary economic item for FUNIBER Training Scholarships.

To apply, please fill out the information request form that appears in the web of FUNIBER or contact directly the Foundation’s headquarters in your country that will inform you if you need to provide some additional information.

Once the documentation is received, the Evaluation Committee will determine your application's eligibility for the FUNIBER Training Scholarship.