Administration and Abilities for the Management of Sports Centers

Program Presentation

Today, sports organizations are growing at a rapid pace. This reinforces the need for professionals with a comprehensive education in each area that makes up what is the management of a sports organization.

The world of sports organizations is becoming more competitive. For this reason, the professionals of the field are required to stay up-to-date and develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to manage this context in a competent manner and so carry out their job successfully.

The Administrative Abilities for the Management of Sports Centers aims to develop professionals with the skills that enable them to provide answers to the challenges of the sports business, through quality management and innovation. Each of the subjects that make up this program provides an in-depth knowledge on the areas that make up the administration of a sports institution.

Who is the programme for?

The proposed training methodology, in addition to the clarity, amplitude and didactics of the design of the content, allows targeting the Administrative Abilities for the Management of Sport Centers program professionals of different areas, with or without experience in the area, who wish to expand and consolidate their knowledge to apply them on the field of sport business   or to steer their professional career towards the management of sport organizations.


Successful completion of the Program will enable you to be awarded the degree in Specialization of ADMINISTRATION AND ABILITIES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF SPORTS CENTERS.

After successfully completing the Program, the student will receive the degree as awarded by the University where they have enrolled.

Program Structure

The estimated length for the completion of the Administrative Abilities for the Management of Sport Centers program is of 1 year, in which the student completes a total of 430 hours (43 credits).

Regarding the distribution of time, it is established that:

  • This being a distance learning program, not subject to face-to-face classes, there is no specific date of initiation, which is why the student can finalize the enrolment process at any time, as long as there are available spaces in the program.
  • Due to academic and learning reasons, this program has a minimum length of six months.
  • The maximum amount of time to finish this program is one year. In this time, the student must have turned in all the corresponding evaluation of the subjects and the Study and Resolution of Cases, as well as the Final Project or the Supervised Classroom Practice.

The credit structure of the Administrative Abilities for the Management of Sport Centers is shown in the following table:

Subjects 27 7 7
Study and Resolution of Cases 6 2 60
Final Project or Practice 10 3 100
TOTAL 43 12 430

a. Equivalence in credits may vary according to the university granting the title.
b. Length in months


General Objective:

  • Train professionals with the knowledge and skill necessary to efficiently perform in the field of sport management. 

Specific Objectives:

  • Go in-depth on the leadership and administration styles in sport organizations.
  • Develop abilities for the planning and management of sport centers. 
  • Know how to choose and apply the most appropriate techniques for the management of a sport team. 
  • Apply the new technologies of the Communication and Information Society in the field of sports.

Career Opportunities

Some of the career opportunities of the Administrative Abilities for the Management of Sport Centers program are the following:

  • Athletic Director of a sport organization.
  • Area Coordinator in a sport organization (marketing, human resources, IT, etc.).
  • Advisor and consultant for sport organizations.
  • Any part of sport business where there are functions requiring knowledge in Sport administration.

Note: The execution of the professions is regulated by the legislation of each country.

Study Plan

The Administrative Abilities for the Management of Sport Centers is composed of 3 parts:


The objective of this part is to provide ample knowledge on the management of sport organizations, from their theoretical, conceptual and historical fundamentals, to their organizational, administrative, social economic and sport implementation.

The subjects and credits that compose the program are shown in the following table: 

1 Administration and Management of Sport Entities 4,5
2 Administration and Strategic Planning of Sport Organizations 4,5
3 Marketing in Sports and Its Application 4,5
4 Strategic Management of Human Resources 3
5 Sports Team Management Techniques 3
6 Management and Leadership Skills in Sports 3
7 Information Society and Sport 4,5

These subjects, despite being independent among each other, are structured in a coherent pedagogical order.


The objective is to present a comprehensive document that shows the complete development of a practical theoretical or applied case based on the doctrine, theories and disciplines studied.

The development of this part pits the student against the effective comprehension of the related knowledge and forces the student to solve a real-world or simulated problem. It is suggested that the student starts this at the end of the last subject, because it is during this time when the student will have the resources necessary for its development.


The last part of this specialization program is destined to the development of a Supervised Classroom Practice or the development of a Final Project.

The decision regarding which activity to do has to be chosen by the student during the 1st part: Subjects, according to specific information that will be provided.


Academic management

  • Dr. Maurizio Antonio Battino. Director of the Health and Nutrition Area of the Iberoamerican University Foundation. Researcher in Biochemistry and professor at the Scuola di Specializzazione in Scienza dell'Alimentazione. Professor at the Università Politecnica delle Marche.

General Academic Coordination

  • Dr. Álvaro Velarde Sotres. International Coordinator of the Sports Area.
  • Dr. (c) Irma Domínguez Azpíroz. International Coordinator of Health Areas.

Teaching staff and Authors

  • Dr. Amélia Cristina Stein. Doctorate in Sport and Physical Activity Sciences, University of León. Professor at the International Iberoamerican University.
  • Dr. Ernesto Negrín. Doctor in Technical Sciences. Consultant in Management and Organizational Communication in several Latin American countries.
  • Dr. Mailyn Marques León. Professor at the University of Matanzas, Cuba. Doctor in Technical Sciences Industrial Engineering. Research in Operations Management, Process Management, and Integrated Management.
  • Dr. Vladimir Vega Falcón. Doctorate in Economic Sciences from the University of Havana. Professor at Autonomous Regional University of the Andes (UNIANDES).
  • Dr. Armando Cuesta Santos. Doctor of Science and Doctor of Economics. Professor at the Technological University of Havana (CUJAE).
  • Dr. Alberto Jorge Acosta. Associate Professor at the School of Senior Management and Administration, EADA, and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. International Consultant.
  • Dr. Pablo Blanco. Doctorate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences from Camilo José Cela University. Journalist. Experience in the field of management and communication in the field of sports.
  • Dr. (c) Adriana Mayorga. Doctoral student in Project Engineering at the International Iberoamerican University. Psychologist with expertise in diagnosis, analysis, planning, intervention, and evaluation of human behavioral patterns. Professor at the International Iberoamerican University.
  • Dr. (c) María Fernanda Figueroa. Doctoral student of the Physical Activity and Sport program at the International Iberoamerican University. Master's degree in Strategic Sports Management from the University of Barcelona. Degree in Sports Management. Professor at the International Iberoamerican University.
  • Dr. (c) Wánderson Oliveira. Doctoral student in the Projects program at the International Iberoamerican University. Professor at the International Iberoamerican University.
  • Dr. (c) María Eugenia Luna. Doctoral student in Education at the International Iberoamerican University. Master's Degree in Human Resources and Knowledge Management from the University of León. Professor at the International Iberoamerican University.
  • M. Jaume Massons Bosch. MEMOS Master's Degree at the IOC. Master's Degree in the Management of Sports Organizations at Blanquerna. Postgraduate degree in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship (UAB). Consultant and Trainer in the areas of marketing, mobile marketing, commercial, and digital communication. Co-founder of Get Clevr s.l., a technology-based company for the development of mobile APPs. Partner-Consultant of idealive Consulting s.l. consulting firm specialized in CRM strategies.

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