OHSAS 18001

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ohsas 18001

Current laws consider that management or the process that involves the definition and implementation of activities in planning, organizing and control of health and safety must be integrated into a set of actions and decisions made by the company.

Therefore, companies must implement a prevention policy that defines objectives, plans, and preventive actions, as well as establishing clear channels of communication in both directions. Policy must also outline a decision-making process that is responsible for the key elements of the management system.

Policy compliance should be measured specifically through audits in order to observe real events, as well as to conduct an analysis of the results to verify whether there are less accidents and if the risks are being controlled.

In this respect, the OHSAS 18001 Program becomes an excellent tool to determine the key steps in the active management of prevention, such as hazard identification, assessment and control of risks. It is also useful for adopting measures to ensure the incorporation of policies and procedures, training, participation, and most importantly, a true commitment to eliminate or reduce risks.

The distance education program presented here responds to the new demands for this area, providing criteria, rigor and, above all, common sense, when it comes to education in the workplace for health and safety policies.