Telecommunications Economy and Regulation

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Telecommunication Economy and Regulation

Given the change in scenario in the overall markets, especially in the telecommunication industry, exceptional opportunities for better management on Telecommunications are generated.

To face these new challenges, the Program in Telecommunication Economy and Regulation, trains Engineers, Business Managers, Telecommunication Companies, and Professionals from Regulatory Entities wishing to expand their knowledge on new trends and opportunities, and focuses on the improvements of best practices on Technology, Business Models, Budgeting, Economic Affairs and the general aspects necessary for better management.

The Telecommunication Economy and Regulation Program focuses on developing the basics of Telecommunication Economics regarding costs and prices, as well as regulatory concepts discussed in the context of ongoing changes in business models, such as convergence derivatives. These concepts are essential for professionals who are facing industry changes and amendments to the ground rules.

The program will provide all the necessary tools for a deep insight of the industry and analyze new market opportunities, changes due to convergence and the best practices on costs and pricing.

  • Importance of training in Economics and Regulation of Telecommunications
  • It is essential, since in the present context it is important that the "decision-making" of organizations and regulatory agencies understand and deepen the basic aspects of the telecommunication industry; uniting the concepts of competition and regulation in the world, contrasting the different experiences for a comprehensive and strategic vision of the subject. However, in this context, the basics of economics applied to the sector, in terms of costs and prices and their impact on strategic decisions of organizations, is also addressed.

    It seeks to develop a more critical aspect of the industry, based on knowledge, to anticipate industry developments and be prepared within organizations to get the best benefits, and within regulatory agencies to absorb new business models within its scope.

  • Central concepts: Economics and Regulation Telecommunication.
  • Understanding and learning have proven to be the basic skills for leaders in the current context of business management. This, coupled with deep technological and market changes, makes the strategic and operational objectives go hand in hand with a greater understanding of economic concepts, of the trends and competition in the particulars of telecommunications.

    At the present time in which permanent changes occur in both technological support and business models, which in turn shows that regulatory changes can strongly affect the number of business operators, or industry results to the national level, it is essential to have a clear understanding of all these aspects. Only in this way, can those responsible for making decisions in these fields have all the tools for precise and proportionate intervention when required to comply with the targets set by companies or regulatory authorities.

    The program seeks to meet those needs through Subjects aimed at providing the basic and practical knowledge needed to address the major challenges of the telecommunication industry. It is aimed at technical and senior staff operators, regulating authorities, and businesses in general directly tied to said industry.

    The contents include the basics in telecommunications and corporate management, to advanced topics in economics and the regulation of telecommunications. Besides the content description of each Course, these allow you to:

  • Understand the essential concepts of communications, business management and team work.
  • Examine economic aspects which are the basis for understanding the behavior of markets, to review the pricing policy of operators, economic regulation exerted by regulatory authorities, and the basics of regulation in general, with special emphasis on a crucial issue of the specifics and regulations of telecommunications, as is the current and future interconnection.
  • Focus on more specific issues about the regulation of competition in telecommunications, reviewing the peculiarities of this industry and the consistent regulations with horizontal competition.

Focus the work on the concepts of convergence, giving the basics of technology at an accessible and necessary level for understanding the behavior of markets, business models and regulation.