Master in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics

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The world of human nutrition, due to its direct relationship with health, is the subject of interest for many professionals. It is necessary to properly transfer this world into its study or responsibility fields in order to apply it in a practical manner.

The advance of sciences related to nutrition, such as biochemistry, molecular biology, pathophysiology, toxicology and dietetics make nutrition one of the most applied, modern and fascinating sciences; therefore, it requires an analysis not only from a scientific perspective but also from a human one.

In this context, vegetarian nutrition is being proposed as an alternative model of nutrition based in ethics, health and ecology principles. The number of vegetarians in western countries is constantly growing; however, given this growing demand, professionals still do not have the available tools to respond to the requests of the vegetarians and those who wish to become vegetarians.

Currently, the professional needs continuous training that allows him/her to receive a high level of specialization, as demanded by the users, clients or patients with whom he/she interacts as well as the public or private institutions where the professional works.

This prompted the need to train nutrition professionals on this field, also adapted to the postures of important international science organizations (consult the posture of the American Dietetic Association from 2009), and making concepts and competences of this field of nutrition sciences available.

Our educational experience and methodology ensures a rigorous, high quality education.