Master in Renewable Energy

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energias renovables

Throughout history, social groups have selected their energy systems based on two sets of variables: technical availability and economic viability.

Only recently have we come to see a new variable that may involve the acceptance or rejection of an entire energy system based on the environmental impacts that their use maycause: the environmental factor.

Thus, in the immediate future, this factor should be seen as a crucial element with the ability to influence the setting of potential alternative energy systems for a country. This aspect is particularly important when evaluating and comparing different energy sources and resources for a more sustainable world.

There is no comprehensive solution in the short and medium term to the problem of declining resources and environmental pollution, but rather that the future lies in energy diversification,which is where renewables can complement traditional forms of energy without replacing them

The Master in Renewable Energies that wepresent here provides a central part, which is the core of the program, where the peculiarities of clean forms of energy are detailed in the context of the current energy framework and potential future scenarios, with an added value compared to other programs of this type: on one hand, it incorporates the parts concerning environmental management tools, as it is important to know how to perform impact studies and incorporate renewable and energy efficiency technologies within the overall management system of the company; and, on the other hand, it includes a part dedicated to the phenomenon of climate change and its relationship to renewable energy, in reference to the portion of vulnerability and mitigation.