Application of Renewable Energies

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energias renovables

Currently, the large-scale use of fossil and nuclear fuels is one of the main features of what is known as an industrialized society.

The environmental impact caused by the manipulation and transformation of the various conventional energy sources has generated a new and different framework that began during the oil energy crisis of 1973; global warming, the hole in the ozone layer, acid rain, desertification, the storage of radioactive waste, etc, have all led to increased awareness by the industrialized societies.

In this regard, governments issue and enact increasingly more restrictive laws regarding environmental criteria for the energy sector, which suggests an important role of renewable energy as the expected solution that should lead in the twenty-first century toward what is known as "sustainable development".

Looking at it from a practical approach, the Application of Renewable Energy Program is essential in order to know the main sustainable technologies that exist today and their application to successfully confront the energy crisis problems of the new century.