Homeopathic Therapeutics

Program Presentation

Homeopathic therapeutics is a treatment method based on administering small doses of medicine in order to activate our body's own defenses for a gradual improvement or cure of diseases.

As a therapeutic method, homeopathic has been and is used for almost everyone with successful results. Homeopathy offers a natural alternative for most common ailments.

Who is the programme for?

The Homeopathic Therapeutics program is designed for medical school graduates who wish to:

  • Increase their knowledge of disease prevention.
  • Learn to apply biological and natural medicine in the treatment of the diseases.
  • Gain a holistic point of view of diseases.
  • Learn tools of their profession.


Successful completion of the Program will enable you to be awarded the degree in Experto Universitario en TERAPÉUTICA HOMEOPÁTICA.

After successfully completing the Program, the student will receive the degree as awarded by the University where they have enrolled.

Program Structure

With regards to the distribution of time, it is established that:

  • Being an Online Program and not being subjected to traditional class attendance, there is no established initial date so that the student can enroll at any time subject to available spaces.
  • For academic and learning reasons the Program has a minimum duration of at least three months.
  • The maximum time limit to complete the subject is eight months. During this period of time, the student must submit all corresponding subjects evaluations.

The credit structure of the Homeopathic Therapeutics program are shown in the following table:

Subjects 25 7 250
Research Work 5 1 50
TOTAL 30 8 300

a. The equivalence in credits may vary according to the university that grants the degree.
b. Length in months.


  • To educate homeopathic doctors who are knowledgeable about how to regulate the vital principles of maintaining health according to the Hahnemann Method.
  • To become familiar with and to learn the applications of homeopathy in different pathological conditions.

Career Opportunities

Some of the career opportunities of the Homeopathic Therapeutics program are:

  • Medical Applications.
  • Teaching.

Study Plan

The program is divided into 2 parts:


The corresponding subjects and hours that make up the 1st Part are shown in the following table:

1 Fundamental Basis and Generalities (Part I) 40
2 Basic Level: Acute Pathology 80
3 Fundamental Basis and Generalities (Part II) 40
4 Advanced Level: Chronic Pathology 90

Students will write a research paper based on a case study.

1 Research Work 50


Academic Administration

  • Dr. Santiago de la Rosa Iglesias. President of the Natural Medicine Commission from the Madrid Physician's Association (Ilustre Colegio de Médicos de Madrid, ICOMEM).

General Academic Coordination

  • Vânia Alexandre. Coordinator of the Area in Natural Medicine.

FUNIBER Training Scholarships

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To apply for it, you only need to send your application for a scholarship on the website’s main page with the required data, and the evaluation committee will examine the suitability of your candidature to be granted economic aid, in the form of a scholarship in FUNIBER Training.