Environmental Education

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educacion ambiental

Education occupies an important role in humanity´s social and economic network, assuming, therefore, great importance in the creation of strategies that contribute to the solution of environmental problems.

The incorporation of an environmental dimension in educational programs requires effort to transform the system that is not without obstacles. Academic, educational and practical commitments to review educational developments and alternative approaches are needed.

From a practical perspective, the Environmental Education program addresses the issue as a way of enabling teachers to incorporate environmental content in basic education, as well as considering it as a process that contributes to the holistic development of human beings.

This program is part of an ambitious plan to train professionals who are able to design, promote and manage environmental education for sustainable development in various fields of social activity, from global, regional and local perspectives. The structure of the course will focus on four areas of action: conceptual and philosophical foundations, environmental education for sustainability, environmental management towards sustainable development and, finally, national and local experiences.