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Today more than ever in the general society and of knowledge in particular, a new educational demand is called for that requires professionals with a multidisciplinary background capable of confronting it.

These new educational needs that have generated new areas and educational contexts, different to the conventional ways, in specialized educational interventions directed by professionals with specific abilities, are made necessary today; abilities that people who have just graduated do not generally have, and especially those that have never received an education in teaching.

It is precisely at these modern times when there are more and more professionals from different areas in many countries who are involved or wish to engage in teaching and have not had a chance or opportunity to receive an education in this area.

These studies seek to respond to the needs of these professionals and act as a service of relevance to our society. The idea is to improve the education sector through improvement, and in turn, the learning process of those who are being taught.

This educational offering tries to cover a gap in the field of continuous training, in the educational field and within the mode of digital teaching. But no case does it intend to compete with the master degree programs of initial teacher training (old Course of Pedagogical Adaptation), because it is particularly geared to professionals who are already engaged in teaching but that want to improve their teaching praxis.

The Master in Education arises as a result of a specific collaborative agreement between the University of Jaén (Spain) and the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (FUNIBER), by which it counts with its experience in distance teaching and learning in the different areas of knowledge such as: The Environment, Health and Nutrition, ICT, the Training of Language Teachers, Business Organization and Human Resources, etc.

As a result of this collaboration, a type of training that places a premium on autonomous learning without neglecting a constant, flexible and tailored interaction to the needs of the teachers in training was developed.

The program provides a Virtual Campus infrastructure and a very elaborate academic management that allows good services to be given to those who do not have access to attend a teaching-learning classroom.

The University of Jaén and FUNIBER consider the incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as an essential part of training and as an intrinsic part of the student’s future professional work. In this sense, ICT is used in the study programs at two training levels:

  • An educational one, to enhance, enrich and increase the explanatory power of the teachers and extend the student’s learning through the Virtual Campus where the student accesses an online library, and areas of synchronous and asynchronous discussion.
  • A pedagogical other where ICTs integrate the formative process in a continuous learning by doing process itself where the resolution of duties is in itself considered a own process of creation of innovations and knowledge management.

In this way, the ICT is integrated into the study programs as part of the knowledge to be acquired, thus being in both senses an effective means of teaching and learning, on the one hand transferring technologies to teaching methods and educational management and on the other hand as a tool for managing the evaluated activities themselves to be developed on the part of students.

It can be said that this program offers an excellent opportunity for training and personal development to the people who, by reasons of work, and in spite of their interest and their capabilities, could not engage in their studies, but that through distance training, the student can achieve the satisfaction of their personal needs and challenges with all the rigor and quality.

Even more, a type of continuous professional education is achieved through this that is essential today for those looking to develop an excellent staff. Society currently requires professionals with the ability to manage and initiate changes, with a preparation, training, skills and specific knowledge that through this program at a distance can be achieved.