Network Management

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Network management today encompasses many aspects, which can be summarized or synthesized in the tasks of "deployment, integration and coordination of hardware, software and human elements to monitor, test, poll, configure, analyze, evaluate and control network resources" to reach appropriate work and service levels to the objectives of an organization and an installation.

To embrace them all is even more difficult when one needs professionals that are able to promptly understand the associated networks and to propose services by technologies.

1.1. Importance of graduate training in Network Management

The need to manage networks with a strong focus in management and services is today a labor component that needs to be developed with a strong systemic ability to integrate telecommunication knowledge with hardware and software of data network knowledge.

In this regard, the Network Management Program focuses on providing all the necessary elements to manage networks from the point of view of telecommunications and informatics, giving special importance to the notion of service.

1.2. Central concepts of the program: management and networks

The management concept is usually associated with the ability to organize, display and control all the resources necessary to achieve a specific and pre-established order. In the field of networking, these objectives are as varied as are the needs of networks. Here one can find objectives and increase efficiency, reduce risk, increase quality, provide better services and increase organizational profitability. The concept of network management appears therefore not limited to the technical and technological management of resources, but with more elements to reach services.