Added Value Services of Technology

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Program Presentation

Services of Technologies

The evolution and convergence of technologies has nowadays become especially important in relation to a series of new services in organizations.

1.1. Importance of graduate training in added value services of technologies

The large presence of ITCs in organizations and the heavy investments made to acquire, implement, operate and exploit them has shown the need to recognize the services that can be drawn or requested from them to provide additional value to people, processes, systems and the technologies within organizations, and the products and services offered by their own organizations.

The Added Value Services of Technology Program aims to understand how to place ICTs in organizations as agents of value added, triggers for change, drive reforms and become agents of the new economy through the various services reviewed in the program.

1.2. Central concepts of the program: added value services and IT

An added–value service is a new service that does not demand or incurs high costs, but its consequences or outcomes are highly profitable to organizations. ITs have the ability to allow these services to be provided in many different ways, parting from the fact that they are transversal technologies to organizations.

IT as a transversal tool for organizations operates in all areas. Furthermore, operating on information and understanding leads to working on an adaptable asset that takes advantage of the efforts and results from another field.