Recovery of Contaminated Soil

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suelos contaminados

Soil contamination is defined as one in which substances that pose a risk to the ecosystem and / or to people’s health, are detected in higher than normal concentrations.

Soil is particularly important since it functions as a reactor capable of carrying out complex filtering functions such as decomposition, neutralization, inactivation and storage, among others. That is why it acts as a protective barrier for other more delicate systems, namely hydrological and biological.Soil degrades as the result of different causes (chemical, physical or biological). In this context, the creation of a recovery plan is a key element in the investigation of potentially contaminated sites.

From a practical perspective, the Recovery of Contaminated Soil program provides the tools for a study of the environment and, through sampling and analysis, develops a hazard map to establish corrective measures or to draft a recovery plan for a site.