New Tools for the Management of Family Businesses

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Program Presentation

The specialization in New Tools for the Management of Family Businesses aims to contribute to the development, progress and continuity of the family business, through the training of highly qualified professionals in understanding and making decisions when facing the daily growing needs of the property, business and family management.

This type of business method constitutes much of the economy of the countries worldwide, and so this specialization seeks a commitment from its professionals, for the development of solutions within the businesses and communities in which they operates.

Since the mid 80's, family businesses began to take an important place in the field of research, for which today there are tools for the immediate applications for the proper functioning of the same, such as the structures of governance and family protocol. Consequently, the specialist in family businesses is a basic element for achieving the objectives of the family business; they are the ones who approach the company from an integral perspective, outline the governance’s structure, the family protocol and help in establishing an organizational culture by adjusting tools that are immediately applicable at the management and human level. In this way, the training received throughout this study provides a comprehensive view.

The specialization has updated theoretical fundamentals and training programs of this nature. Through the pedagogical articulation of the theoretical fundamentals and case studies within the application space of people management, the participant will be able to use the tools, techniques and basic procedures in the design, the implementation of policies and the best management practices of family businesses.