Master in Strategic Management of Family Businesses


All the registered students (online or traditional) receive the learning material in paper format, as well as a username and a password to access the Virtual Campus free of charge. This way, the traditional students, although they may not take the tests online via the Virtual Campus, will have the opportunity to enjoy the forums, documents of interest, get in contact with students from all over the world, etc.

Document presentation

The study material will be distributed in 25 subjects, handed out in 12 volumes, according to a logical learning sequence. 

In the first volume, in addition to the corresponding subjects, an introduction to the Virtual Campus and the complete collection of the program’s tests are is included.

Document delivery

The Master in Strategic Management of Family Businesses program material is periodically sent throughout the duration of this program. This way, the student will be able to receive the documentation updated on the last minute events happening in this field.