Master in Human Resources and Knowledge Management

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The Master in Human Resources and Knowledge Management groups together the basic concepts relating to the management and administration of people in the XXI century, within the framework of an organization’s integrated management and the different processes and tools that can be useful for an efficient conduct thereof.

Through the pedagogical articulation of the theoretical and practical fundamentals of practical cases, within a space of interaction encouraged by professors and the use of a Virtual Campus, a person culminating a Masters in Human Resources and Knowledge Management will be qualified to:

  • Understand and master the most suitable techniques to enhance their management and decision making skills.
  • Understand and manage modern techniques in knowledge management, based on the use of new technologies in information processing within the business environment.
  • Provide management skills and capacities, as well as the methodology applied to the management of people in the organization.
  • Develop the functions and procedures for the planning, organization, implementation and control of human resources in the company.
  • Develop strategic bases in line with business objectives, to plan and anticipate future movements in the field of human resources.