Human Resource Management

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direccion de recursos humanos

In this program, the fundamental concepts involved in the management and direction of the people in the XXI century are integrated within organizations and in the different processes and tools that can be useful for their efficient conduction.

The importance that people have in organizations is obvious, since they all make a decisive contribution the creation of value, the sustained competitiveness and permanent changes, for which it is necessary that the participants in the business project to flexibly adapt in very short intervals.

Without Human Resources, it would be impossible to achieve the business objectives, and for this, it is necessary that managers and professionals involved in the management of companies to acquire a comprehensive view of the management of human resources and knowledge to exercise the tools, techniques and specific operational skills in each area. All this work would be impossible if the need of the advantages of an ethical and consistent commitment to the presentation of an efficient professional service is not discovered.

With formative programs of this nature, and through the pedagogic articulation of theoretical fundaments and case studies within the application space of people management, the participant will be able to use tools, techniques and fundamental procedures in the design, application of policies and practices of human resource management.